Woodland Hills is located in Los Angeles, California. It hosts a range of tourist attractions and businesses such as Warner Center, which is the Warner Center business district. Woodland Hills is also home to numerous parks and recreation areas, such as Topanga State Park. Woodland Hills is a great area to work, live and create families. The city has a range of housing options, such as one-family homes, apartments and condominiums.

Warner Center Park

Warner Center Park is a gorgeous park in the middle of Warner Center. It is home to a wide range of facilities, including the playground, picnic tables and a walk. The park also plays host to many occasions throughout the year making it the ideal place to visit at any season it is.


Serrania Park

The park is situated in the northwestern part in Gran Canaria and covers an area of 4.5 ha. It was designated as to be a cultural Interest Site in 2005. The park is home to a wide collection of indigenous flora & fauna, in addition to certain species that were brought in from other countries like America, Asia and Africa. There's also a small museum within the park which displays items that relate to the past and culture on the island.


Old Trapper's Lodge

John Ehn's life-size work, The Old Trapper's Lodge is an California folk art exhibition that began in 1951. It was declared an historical landmark on the 25th of March, 1985. It was situated on 6201 Winnetka Ave., Woodland Hills Los Angeles county . The piece is a representation of an artist from the outside who was a lover of old west culture since the family members of his as models for his amazing art!


Costanso Fire Station 84 Park

Costanso Fire Station 84 Park is situated at the intersection of Costanso Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. The park's name is derived from The Los Angeles County Fire Department's station 84 that served the community for over 50 years.


El Camino Real Charter High School

Welcome to El Camino Real Charter High School! We are delighted to have you as a member of our family. The school is committed to providing an exemplary and enriching education that will prepare our students for academic success and beyond. We provide a range of extracurricular and academic courses which allow our students to discover their passions and talents. Our rigorous curriculum gives students an solid base in the liberal arts. Our numerous extracurricular programs let students pursue their interests.


Hale Charter Academy

Hale Charter Academy is a public charter school within Woodland Hills, CA. The school began operations in the year 2011, and currently has students in students in grades K-12. Hale Charter Academy is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The mission of the school is to provide high-quality education for every student. Hale Charter Academy offers a rigorous academic curriculum that includes college preparation. The school also provides many extracurricular opportunities which include sports, clubs and service opportunities. Hale Charter Academy is committed to helping all students prepare for the success they will have in college and their career. The school provides a secure, supportive and uplifting learning space in which every student can achieve their maximum potential.


Charles Evans Hughes Junior High School

Charles Evans Hughes Junior High School located in Woodland Hills, CA is an accredited public school serving students in grades 6-8. The school's name is a reference to the former United States Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes. The school offers a range of extracurricular and academic classes for students. Alongside essential subjects like English, Math, and Science The academy also provides classes in music, art as well as physical and mental education. The extracurricular activities include clubs, sports teams and after-school activities.


Pierce College

Pierce College is located in Woodland Hills, CA and provides a range of academic courses. The college is dedicated to providing quality education for students at a price that is affordable. Pierce College has a variety of student-run organizations and activities, that give students the chance to be involved in the campus. The college also provides various services to assist students in their academic goals. Pierce College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


West Valley Occupational Center (WVOC)

West Valley Occupational Center (WVOC) located in Woodland Hills, CA is an ideal resource for anyone who wants to upgrade their skills as a professional and move your career up a notch. If you are looking to begin your new career or expand your knowledge in an area that you are already proficient in, WVOC has plenty of classes at a reasonable cost that are taught by well-known industry experts. You can be assured that the instruction provided is of the highest standard and the staff is friendly and provides assistance and advice throughout the course of your journey. Why not check out the website at the present and discover what WVOC could offer you?


Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is the perfect method you can shop all your essentials in the comfort at home! It is located at Woodland Hills, CA, Amazon Fresh allows customers to place orders online for groceries and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. Customers are able to pick up their purchases in the store if they wish. If customers are looking for fresh food or snacks, drinks or something else completely Amazon Fresh's wide range of items has everything for everyone. In addition, their reliable customer service makes sure that the items offered are of the best quality. To get the most fresh ingredients and without the need to travel Look no further than Amazon Fresh in Woodland Hills, CA.